Facebook groups

Welcome back to read me.
I apologize for the huge absence, summer is always challenging, we know!
I will try to come back to work, writing an article monthly, if I can also weekly (it will be rare, but it could happen)
— Anyway, i’m here today, to tell you that there are two groups, for months now, of D.VA!

One is very simple, where we can talk to each other, exchange nickels to play together, post photos and fanart (not only dva, but of all!), exchange views on the game and so on.
The other group, on the other hand, is very different, it is dedicated to fanart a little ‘lewd or some really pushed. So if you are passionate about this kind, respecting the rules, we are waiting for you! Answer some simple questions, and we’ll let you in.
(We also have a discord channel with all the uncensored fanart!)

How to enter the group?
It’s very simple.
– Go to the home page of D.VA
– Search the list on the left, under the profile picture of the page, the phrase “Groups”
– Once clicked, you will find the two groups.

Otherwise, I leave you the two links below to access directly, without wasting too much time.
D.VA Overwatch: https://www.facebook.com/groups/460383174457054/
Overwatch Lewd and Ecchi: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1866252973452701/

That said, I remind you that there is also the profile on Instagram, follow me there too! 😉

See you next time!
– D.VA Overwatch Italy





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